A boat broker friend of mine once told me that when you buy a Bertram, no one will ask you why. From the first time I heard that, I figured that was a pretty powerful testament to the quality and respect that the name, and more importantly, the boats themselves have. I am sure that those of you visiting here can relate and attest to these statements also. In being able to have that relation, I am also sure that you all feel the same pride of ownership that goes with owning a Bertram.

Every Bertram is capable of giving its owner the same prideful feeling, but for this website, the focus is on the Bertram 33 in its two variants – the Sportfisher, and the Convertible. Other than the fact that I own one of these beauties, I feel driven to establish this place because I believe the boat is a rather unique species. Certainly there are other 33′ boats out there, so what is different about this one? Well, that will be part of our discussion here undoubtedly, but I think the one thing that stands out to me is its presentation. I don’t know of another boat that seems so much bigger than it really is. In fact, when I first brought my boat to its new home in San Diego, one of my neighbors who owned a 33′ boat of another make, asked “What’s this, a 38”? I smiled sheepishly, and said “No, it’s a 33”. He replied that it seemed so much bigger, and I did not disagree with him. My boat at the time was docked next to a beautiful Bertram 31, and it was amazing at just how much smaller that boat seemed than mine. I know that there are certainly bigger boats out there that will dwarf my boat too, but my point here is that for a 33 footer, you are getting just about all that you can at that size. I like to think of it as the “Marvelous” Marvin Hagler of middleweight boats – top of its class.

So without getting too carried away here, let me welcome you aboard. Everyone is welcome here of course, boat owner or not. What I am hoping to establish here is just a community of people that have some¬†interest in these wonderful vessels. A community where we can share information, stories and good times. I’d also like to offer a special thanks to Capt. Patrick McCrary, whose website bertram31.com inspired me to create this site.

David Sumich
Bertram33.com Webmaster